Custom Append URL with Form Fields


I need to append only SOME (not all) form field entries to a URL upon form submission. I cannot seem to find any documentation on how to label the form field parameters in the url.

Some systems use curly brackets, others use the tilde (~) symbol before and after the field name. I also don’t know if there are some custom field names created in the background, or if just the field name would work, i.e. first_name={first_name}.

Anyone know how to do this in Unbounce?


Hi @Gary_Michael,

You should be able to accomplish this with a custom script that does the posting rather than with the build in one.

PM me if you need someone to write the script for you.



Hey there @Hristian. I’m a new user, so it won’t let me DM. But we need help with this very problem. Mind messaging me?


I can’t quite remember why we needed this, and all of our systems are running well now. But I’m also quite sure that we will encounter this again soon, so I’m glad this thread is going. Thanks @Hristian for offering some coding help. As soon as the issue arises again, I will be reaching out !