CTA Conf: Implementing Oli's Blog Navigation


Hello Unbouncers!

Recently at CTA Conference @Oli_Gardner gave a great talk on how to better convert blog readers. I saw the initial change with removing the standard navigation for a much more product and conversion focused header several months ago and discussed with my team.

After creating our finalized mockup I sent it around the office and to our SEO team for feedback. Everyone internally was on board, but our SEO team has several concerns with removing the navigation. We may keep the root blog link and categories with our normal navigation, and also keep all links in the footer of each blog page for linking.

Community Question: What do you think of a strategy like this, and how to you see it affecting SEO in comparison to conversion? I’m also interested in a proper way to test this?

Unbounce Question: How has this change affected your SEO and ranking on the blog? Have you placed any hidden navigational links, headers etc. to help maintain the SEO? Or was this minor and the uplift was worth it?



Do you have any analytics or user tracking data that suggests the blog link in the navigation menu was heavily used? Most are not :slight_smile:

SEOs usually make a lot of good points but sometimes have to be reminded to prioritize the user over search engines.

Every decision comes with trade-offs and in this case it seems like you may have more to gain in terms of conversions by adding the product links and removing the blog link.

In my experience, removing an internal link to a blog has minimal impact on SEO as long as the blog and posts are in your sitemap.xml file and accessible through other navigation areas (footer link?)