CTA action activated while scrolling on mobile (Samsung Galaxy)



In one of my Unbounce templates my team noticed that simply scrolling our landing page with a Samsung Galaxy A6 (chrome), users activate the main form CTA by scrolling the landing page down (becoming a lead if no mandatory fields are activated).

Since I am seeing the same results also in my leads captured, many are empty, does anyone experienced the same issue?

Is it possible to fix this? First time I see this kind of experience. It doesn’t happen on iPhone, the action of scrolling the page, even if activated on the CTA doesn’t create the same issue.



That sounds very odd @dnlrose

I work with apps, and I can say the Samsung devices cause my team the most headaches. It might also just be a Chrome browser issue on Samsung devices. I doubt there is something wrong with the Unbounce page.



Thank you. I have received dozens of empty leads to my page because of this issue so probably in my template the CTA button is set with a specific click that is activated also by “scroll” “touch” action on samsung.

I have temporarily fixed it adding mandatory fields, so users will not be able to register with empty fields.

I was wondering if there was any way to change the actions of the CTA button to avoid this issue, strange that no one is experiencing the same.