Css to stretch "lp-pom-box" to 100% browser width?

Unbounce makes it easy to stretch a page section to 100% width, but I need to stretch a box to 100% width of the browser window. What would be the CSS to make this happen? Thanks!

So I did find a solution, I added this jquery bit to the ‘before end body tag’:

insert open script tag
var e = jQuery(’#lp-pom-box-169’); //Replace with your element ID
var a = jQuery(’.lp-pom-root’);
e.css({‘left’:0, ‘width’:‘100%’, ‘box-sizing’:‘border-box’}).prependTo(a);
insert closing script tag

But now, everything inside that box is taking on it’s full width. How do I get the text/buttons inside that box to be within the actual page margins?

why dont you try adding “padding” to the box.