CSS/Java Fails on Unbounce Page - CodePen Reference


I am having trouble getting this page to render properly. When I resize the window the columns align but when it loads normally everything is out of wack. I am not sure if this is a java or css problem. I believe it is both as the opening function when clicked is not working either.

If I render this outside of unbounce it works great but when I try to add to an unbounce page I encounter this. Any pointers?

script and style tags have been added, css is compiled as well. I am at a loss on what to do next.


from this code

Hey @JJJ there are two errors in the console regarding that script you are trying.

Also, when I run into issues like this were the script seems to run but not function properly. I usually have to change the order of scripts and script libraries in the script manager until it works.

Thanks @Kyle.C, I am seeing some errors on the unbounce page but if I run this outside of unbounce I am getting functionality.

As for script order, I only have one script in place for CSS, JS, HTML so I cant reorder them. I have removed all scripts from script manager and changed the url to


but I am still experiencing the same issue. Any ideas on what I can try next? Thank you in advance.


It seems like my problem is with the view settings and getting the JS to enable to button click for the expansion to occur. I have been at this for hours but I cant figure out what is tripping it up.

@Fahad_Hussain any ideas here?