Cross domain tracking with Google Tag Manager


I have set up Analytics with Google Tag Manager, but the Cross-domain tracking is not working. I have the same setting that I use in my blog and it works, and the same setting I use in my website.
The only thing that doesn’t work is from the Unbounce landing page to my website.

Unbounce customer support couldn’t answer to my problem.

Does anyone have the same problem?
Just to clarify, this is using Google Tag Manager.



password - no


Kenji, thanks for your answer.

I was trying to do this with GTM, I guess is not supported in Unbounce, so I _m going to go back to Google Analytics.

I _ll let you know how it goes.



Hi Taichi, 

I use the direct Google Analytics installation provided by Unbounce and it was ok tracking cross-domain. 

As for just doing it via  Google tag manager, have you check that is not running any errors with the Google tag assistant tool?…

If it shows an error, it would be worth to try the direct installation.