Cropping an image


If you want to crop an image for some reason, use a Box instead of an Image element. Set the image you want to use as the background image of the box. You can change the Position attribute of the background image to crop from either side or the center in either axis. Remove the border from the box.


What about editing the size of the image, will this is this an option in the editor yet?


Hi Chris.

We do intend on providing the ability to crop and scale image elements within the editor in a future release. We do recognize this will be an important feature. In the meantime we’d ask that people resize them prior to uploading.


It’s not an option yet, but it’s something we want to support soon.


Integrating and/or point to something like might work too.


Absolutely, Picnik looks like a great fit.


Any update to this?


Hi Chris - I can tell you that this is something that is still on our ‘to-do list’ along with various new features for the editor, but at the moment there is no specific timeline on this other than sometime over the next few months.

Have you tried the work-around that Carl suggested?


Hi Jason- Actually I wanted to resize an image.


Ah, I see.

Yah, unfortunately there is no work-around for that one currently. The only thing to do is scale or resize your image outside of Unbounce and import it at the correct size.

We do realize this is a bit of a frustration, and we are determined to include this feature along with the ability to crop images.


Is this issue fixed yet?


Hi Laba! Absolutely – you can scale and crop (mask) images now. Check out our guide to images at….