CRM Integration

Our CRM accepts leads into the system through an email in ADF XML format. Does anyone know if Unbounce can email leads in that format to our CRM or how we can accomplish this process?

Hi @gnalewaja - I would suggest a few ways of going about this:

  1. See if there’s an auto integration in Unbonce for your CRM
  2. Zapier is a great option - there’s a high chance that your CRM integrates with Zapier which would act as the conduit between Unbounce & your CRM
  3. If 1+2 don’t work then I would imagine that your CRM has a webhook that could be posted to.

I would be happy to help walk you through the process if it’s helpful, just Direct Message me.


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You could spin up a new Gmail account and use that for an Action step in Zapier. The formatting is described here. (Not my post, but it should work.) Use a new Zapier lead as your Trigger step. Happy to lend a hand if you need – DM if you like :wink:

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