Critique My Page Workshop: Avoid these 5 common mistakes on your first landing pages


Hi everyone!  

This past Tuesday, July 28th, our Customer Success Manager Tia and I tag teamed to give constructive feedback on 10 of our customers’ landing pages.  Congrats all on publishing your first Unbounce landing pages! I know I felt super proud when I had published mine- so much so that I shared it with a bunch of my friends. :slight_smile:

While everyone is off to a good start, Tia and I noticed these 5 mistakes that were frequently being made on many of the landing pages that we critiqued.  To help you avoid these mistakes in the future, I have listed them below for your reference:

1. Don’t overwhelm your visitors with too many options. Choose only one conversion goal per landing page

2. If you have a lead gen landing page and would like to add social sharing widgets, save them widgets for the Form Confirmation aka ‘Thank You’ page. Since your visitors have warmed up to you and converted once (thanks to your conversion-friendly landing page), they’ll be more open to go the extra mile when they reach your Form Confirmation page. 

3.  If you’re using a lead gen landing page and are collecting personal information, make sure that you include a privacy policy , which would help your visitors to trust you. And, when you do include a privacy policy, make sure that you use a lightbox as per this article instead of sending them to another window.  In doing so, you keep them on the same page and focused on that main action that you want them to take. 

4. Choose clear over clever , especially for your headline. Explain your Unique Selling Proposition right away. Try the five second test. Show someone (preferably one who doesn’t know anything about your business) your landing page for five seconds.  Take your landing page away and ask them what it’s about.  If they’re able to tell you, that means that your headline is clear; if not, work on it a bit more. 

5.  Make sure that your landing page is conversion-friendly for both your desktop and mobile visitors. Use the mobile responsive feature in Unbounce, which enables you to hide elements in your mobile version to make it the snack-size version of your desktop’s amongst other things.  For more information on how to optimize your mobile responsive landing pages, check out this article and this workshop

If you’d like to share your learnings from this Workshop or would like other Unbouncers to give their two cents on your landing page and vice versa, go ahead and post below! 

In case you missed the Workshop or would like a replay, click here to watch the recording and download the slides.


This helped me rework a lot of pages this week for better results. Thanks!


Glad it was helpful Jenn! :D 


Glad it was helpful Jenn! :smiley: