Credit Card / Paypal


How do you paid sign-ups on unbounce? I couldn’t find a template which had an integrated shopping cart. Also, how do you create a “thank you” page on unbounce itself.


Thanks for the tip.


Any update on this? I’m trying to create an event registration page (with paypal payment processing). How can I best do this with unbounce? (capturing details before clicking register/paypal payment button)


Hey RenŽe - Unbounce doesn’t support SSL (yet) so it’s not a solution for payment processing on the landing page. For now, you’d have to use your Unbounce page as a click-through to a PayPal shopping cart. We have an article at… that explains how to do this, and how to track the final payment as a conversion.

Hope that helps!


If you’re using Stripe, have a look at It handles all the payment logic between your Unbounce page and Stripe, letting you keep Stripe’s awesome checkout experience. If you need anything, feel freel to email me directly to


Hi Jug! We’re missing a couple key pieces (SSL support, shopping cart integration) that would make this super-easy. These are both items that are on the list for getting done fairly soon. That said, folks *have* done these sorts of things, just check out this blog post from the good folks over at Pear Analytics.

You can create another landing page and use it as a thank-you page, although in another several days we should have a new feature coming out that lets you have nice, rich pop-up thank-you pages that should meet most needs.

We don’t do quite *everything* yet, but we’re working hard on getting there!