Creating traffic for a new landing page


I’m a COMPLETE beginner (just a mom, helping her son with CandyBrush). I created a landing page (which was a feat in itself and not as easy as I was told). How do I now create traffic by linking to something (or some other way)?


When you say Shimanti, how do I create traffic, do you mean to say how to you get people to visit the the landing page?

If yes, how many people would be a healthy number a month?

What kind of people do you want to visit the landing page?

What is the main call of action you want your web visitors to fulfill?


Yes, any number would be an improvement…I’m a novice.

Parents of kids in 5th grade, who tend to buy candy on the fly, and tend to ban candy because of teeth or health concerns.

Just want emails to confirm that there is a problem with candy and teeth.


Hi Shimanti,

could I have a look at your landing page and see what 3 things you can do to attract more web visitors to your landing page.


Sorry, I stopped working on this altogether. Here’s the address:


I started again. Please let me know your thoughts. Traffic is at a standstill…1 visitor! Where do I start? Any thoughts to get me started? Everything out there is too advanced. Even the idea of blogging is too advanced for a site for a 10 year old’s vision.


The simple option is to hire someone to drive visitors to your landing page. Some people put some time into learning about blogging and search engine optimization, which helps them to save money. We are currently launching a course called: 20 Days to More Traffic. Which shows you how to attract more traffic to your website. Would you like me to notify you when the online course is ready or would you prefer someone to do the work for you.