Creating subscriptions


How can I create stripe customers and subscriptions from a landing page? There are lots of shopping carts for single payments but I need one which creates subscriptions. Any suggestions?


Hi Chad! 

I am in the subscription business as well and I use unbounce.  I think these are the possible solutions to your case: 

a) If you sell physical goods I would totally recommend you to try Chargebee. (Chargebee connects with Stripe) and just create pricing boxes where the subscription button connects to chargebee hosted page. 

b) If you just want to keep your subscriptions on Stripe then try the Subscription button. (Just paste the code in a custom html box at unbounce)  

c) If for some reason option B doesn’t work out for you then use a thirdparty form generator such as formstack or formcraft that will let you create subscriptions with Stripe then on your unbounce subscription boxes just make them point to those forms or you can also embedded those forms into unbounce. 

If you dont use pricing boxes for subscriptions let me know and I can also help you on how to create  subscriptions via quantity selector/cart. 

I hope this helps 


Awesome solution, Kenji!  I will have to keep that in my memory banks for the future :slight_smile:


Great points, Kenji! Much appreciated. :) 


Thanks for the information


Hi Chad, is working on support for subscriptions, allowing you to keep Stripe’s awesome checkout on your landing page. If for some reason you’re still looking or considering solutions, send me an email directly to and I’ll get you into the beta.