Creating MiniSites on Unbounce


There needs to be a way to easily create minisites on unbounce. As of right now, if we wanted to mimick a minisite, one would have to create individual (landing) pages and then manually hyperlink to other pages. If we can have some way to create minisites and easily add pages to that minisite, that would be great. Also, if you could have the ability to pass along UTM info (utm_source, utm_term, etc) info from one page to another within that mini site, that would be fantastic!

How I Would Like To Manage A Shitload Of UB Pages

Thanks for the feedback Mia! We’ve definitely heard this feedback from others and will be working on some features that will make microsites easier to manage (one being the ability to share content between pages, like an entire page section for example.)


This is a great point. I really wish they had addressed this.


This is of Paramount importance to me and many other people I spoke with. I am still undecided if to open a Pro Account. If I was able to make Minisites properly and would happily jump in!


Check out the minisite we built with Unboucne: 

Here are the two bottlenecks that made it so much work:

  1. The header and the footer are sections that we created on a separate page (hidden. You can see it here: ) and then had to copy it to EACH page of the minisite. So, it would really help if we can just reference a section globally (just like you can now with scripts). 

  2. Its time to make elements be referenced both by local name (e.g. #lp-pom-button-534) but also allow for reference by label (e.g. “header-link1”). 

Right now, every time you want to make a change to the header (and it happens), you need to repeat #1 for ALLLL the pages (we have 18 of them) and then also make sure that the scripts all reference the right local button/box.

So, it is possible to do … but its a very big pain. 



The question is now 4 years old. Maybe is there now a simple way to create minisites on unbounce ?



This feature would make it a game changer!!!


This would be amazing!!


I’m really hoping this is something that gets rolled out with the new editor.

Unbounce CEO:  The behemoth WordPress market (74 million websites) is right now being torn apart by many WYSIWYG-based website builders (wix, weebly, squarespace, etc.).

Unbounce ALREADY has the technology for building gorgeous pages.

I’d suggest taking a chunk of the dying WordPress pie (and a whole new market segment) by giving Unbounce the ability to easily create micro sites.

By “Microsite” I personally mean a website that has 2-10 pages, no more.  You don’t need to make it work with blog technology.  People can link out to their blog and make the blog look similar to their microsite.