Creating a "look inside" preview of my ebook on my landing page

How can I create a “look inside” preview of my ebook? I have a good conversion rate when I send traffic to my amazon sales page for my book, but not so much when I’m sending traffic to my landing page to sell the downloadable ebook. Several people mentioned that not having a “look inside” option on my landing page could be causing it. Is there a way to create a “barrier free” option for people to preview the book from my landing page without redirecting them to another site?


Hi Mike - How much of the book do you want to provide in the preview? If you’re looking to do, say a few thousand words or so, one option would to be create a lightbox effect (more on that here:…). That will serve up the preview content, but also keep the reader on the same page. Then, if they like what they’ve read, when they close that lightbox, they’ll still have your calls to buy front and centre.

Further to Quinn’s point, you could also consider uploading a snippet of your book to slideshare, then embedding that on your landing page. It would be a pretty low barrier way to test this idea and see if the preview boosts, reduces, or has no effect on conversion rate.

Would that work for you?

I’d be very, very keen to hear the test results if you implement the preview Mike.