Creating a Custom Form with Fields Input by Formula



I’m trying to build out a form in Unbounce, and the form needs something special:

I need one of the fields to output data based on a formula based on numbers the user inputted earlier in the form.

So: the patient will input their height and weight in 3 different fields (feet, inches, pounds). I want to create another field (called BMI) that will calculate the user’s BMI for them based on their height/weight inputs. Is that doable in Unbounce?

Here’s a page with an example form: In this form, the ‘BMI’ field is hidden so that it’s automatically a) calculated and b) sent to my client’s office along with the lead’s data, because they use BMI to qualify leads. I would be okay with showing the BMi field though.

Thanks in advance!



Ooof…I don’t think we can make calculations happen real-time in an Unbounce form. If you built your own form you could add that function in the script.

But since you are already sending the results to your client, I think the easiest way to accomplish this is to just add that calculation in an excel sheet column after you exported the data from Unbounce. Then send the completed result to the client.


Hi @Angela_Bockheim,

Yes, you can make calculations and write the results to a hidden field.

However, it would require custom coding that specific to your use case.