Creating a button style form?


So I’m looking to create a form that doesn’t look like a form.

The idea is that the user can click icons/buttons that represent a radio button values.

This page has a great example of what I’m looking for:

Some advice on how I can achieve a similar form would be much appreciated!


Hi @Alan_C,

You have a couple of options:

[1] Create separate Unbounce pages for each step/question of your form. Each page would have a few buttons that would represent the answers. You’ll than tag each of these buttons with a parameter and make sure you pass those values to the next step/page.

  • It’s the easiest of the two options to implement and doesn’t require any coding.

[2] Custom code a single page to your exact specifications. It would require a lot of code writing and testing but it’s also more flexible.

Hope this points you in the right direction.