[Create] Conversational Forms in Unbounce

I have the same question about radio buttons in the conversational form. The Question text associated with the radio buttons is not displaying correctly. What is being displayed is the text associated with the first button. Has anyone found a fix for this?

Hi! Funny… as soon as I put the placeholder line, all disappears in the page! … what might I been doing wrong? :slight_smile: Thanks!

@jmo : You’re missing a coma at the end of - UserImage : “https…png”,

Thanks for the script and all the new features in the forum. Still one question is left with no answer for me …
@Noah : Is there a way to use conditionnal within your script ?
One example : Are you interested by auto insurance ?
If yes -> continue the normal way
If no -> Skip the two following questions

Of course it’s an example, but I want to use it for different purpuse rgdp compliant :wink:

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Hey everyone. Have been using conversational forms since recently and was wondering if someone knows a solution for my following problem. When users are requested to type in a number (phone, postcode, etc.) on mobile, the regular keyboard(with alphabet and so on) pops up but it would be much better if just the numerical keyboard would show up. Does anyone know how to fix this?

I have just found a fix. Use dropdown instead of radio/checkbox. Leave the first option empty tho.

I’ll make a note of this and give it a try next time I have a need. Thanks.

Hi @Noah good job with that script. Its really neat!
I have a question tho:

Do you think it would be possible that after giving the last answer, user would be redirected to a new page? We have our thank you page we would like people to visit after filling the forms.

I just tried installing this and struggled… until I found the answer! On the javascript you must check the box for jQuery (1.4.2) or the form won’t show up.

Also… I updated the pattern matching for email as it was breaking and used this:


Lastly, I chose show alert message for the form confirmation option and then it showed my custom alert message.

Can the answers of this forms get integrated with Marketo?

Where to track the answers?

Hi everyone,

It seems that with this piece of code only, answers are not counted as leads (empty leads list despite my multiple tests).
Id like to have the answers send with the email notification integration just like any normal form but I dont know how to process, anyone could help me?