Create a Remarketing List to visitors that didn _t convert



So, I’m working on some adwords remarketing campaigns and I manage to configure the remarketing code and start creating lists very easily. No problem with that.

The thing is that I want to exclude from my list all the people that did converted into leads, and since there is no success url, I haven’t been able so far to accomplish it.

It would be really bad to be showing my ads over and over to people who already converted, so I would appreciate any help you can give me on this topic.

Thanks a lot!


Hey there - even though we don’t show it with the built in form confirmation dialog, there is an actual URL for each confirmation page, which is your main page’s URL, followed by the variant letter and then -form_confirmation.html. So, if you have an A and B variant, your corresponding form confirmation dialog URLs for each variant would be:


If you’re creating a GA conversion goal to create your exclusion list, you can create a goal for the confirmation dialog of any variant of a particular page by following these instructions.


Hi MV,

You can actually achieve this by defining a specific URL as the confirmation page instead of the confirmation dialogue. Create a Thank-you page in Unbounce that you use for your confirmation page. See attached screenshot where to set the URL for the confirmation page. Click on your form and you’ll find these options in the top-right corner of the editor.

In your retargeting you exclude this URL in your targeting. 

An additional bonus to this approach is that it’s easy to pass values from your form to include on the confirmation page to create a more personal experience.

Try this URL to see an example

![]( A - Landingssider inline.png?1431014779 “Image https//d2r1vs3d9006apcloudfrontnet/s3_images/1200557/RackMultipart20150507-27638-10muock-Edit__A__-__Landingssider__inlinepng1431014779”)


Hello, Quinn and Finge.

Thanks a lot for your answers. 
Your Customer Support is always very useful and fast!

I’ll implement both solutions:

  • Quinn’s for now, 'cause It’s quicker and works perfectly.
  • Finge’s for the future, so I can take advantage of better personalized thank you pages, and making it easier for more accurate analytics tracking.

Once again, thanks!


My pleasure :slight_smile: