Create a menu in unbounce


Is there a way to create some sort of menu to an Unbouce page? I would like to use Unbouce for everything and if I could just make a menu, I would have everything I needed! 


Just add multiple buttons in a menu layout, and have the buttons trigger the opening of Lightboxes if you just want to display additional content. This keeps your visitors on your landing page rather than jumping around to different pages. If you need to go to other pages, you can always point the buttons to other Unbounce pages, or to an external page. But for conversions, keeping the visitor on the same page is optimal, and you can mimic the look and feel of a full website from one page.


You wouldn’t be able to download a template or .unbounce example that does this? So I can upload it an use it? I would greatly appreciate it! (Maybe a temporary dropbox link?)


Let me see what I’ve got


I’ve got one example here, and have a dropbox link, but don’t want to post it here unless I know you can grab it right away. I don’t have Dropbox Business, so I can’t make an expiry or password, and there’s no way to make a private reply here. Let me know when you’re there, or shoot me a message on skype=  garymskype


Added you! Thanks!


Any chance I’d be able to use it as well?


Sure… send me a request on skype. skype name garymskype


Is this pseudo menu a row of horizontal buttons?

It’s not like a drop down is it?


No, my format is just a row of buttons. If you want something that emulates a full website menu with dropdowns, check out this other community post.