Crafting a tweet but want to use my own URL shortner, with UTM code


I see how to add a custom tweet to my twitter button and that works great. The problem comes in when I add my custom URL (which is a shortened link to the landing page that includes the UTM code we want to use for the share).

Unbounce is automatically adding its own URL (sans UTM) in addition to mine. Not only does it put us over the 140 character limit, but it gives someone the ability to click a non-UTM’d url… Is there any way to turn that off?


Hi Stephanie,

If you’re looking for a bit more customizability of your Twitter ‘tweet’ button, you’re most likely going to want to embed a custom Twitter button by dragging in an HTML widget.

If you go this route, you can not only customize the tweet itself - but you can also customize the look/feel of the button, add hashtags and Mentions (@'s), and choose your own custom URL. Check out how you can completely customize the tweet here:…

Let me know if this works for you!

Also, good on you for wanting to track the tweet with UTM parameters! Perhaps we should consider building this functionality into our app to allow users specify the link and/or UTM parameters in social shares. What do you think?


I think it’s a magnificent idea. Especially as you’re a landing page company, and marketers are getting more and more savvy about measuring and analytics.



Hi Justin,

Did you guys add in the UTM functionality yet? Setting up my first landing page campaign in unbounce now :slight_smile:

Kristen (I work for John)


Hi Kristen - we haven’t added any functionality to the built-in social widget yet, since the Page Builder team has mostly been all hands on deck working on Mobile Responsive, but Justin’s workaround of just using Twitter’s embed can you let you do that (and more). Once you generate the code in Twitter, you can just paste it into a custom HTML element in Unbounce and it should good to go.


The problem with the custom twitter button is that they don’t have the count anymore. Perhaps the custom tweet buttons used to have the count but they don’t anymore. I added the social widget onto a page and the twitter button was fine except for the custom tweet problem that Stephanie had above. So I disabled the tweet button and added a custom one. Kind of a pain in the butt.

In my case, I don’t like that Unbounce appends the URL of the page. First of all, there is no UTM tracking. Second of all, I don’t want to share the URL of the page (it’s a thank you page). I want to share the URL of the original sign-up page. The user flow goes like this:

  1. User lands on a landing page, signs up for the thing (it’s an acts of kindness advent calendar)

  2. They confirm their email address

  3. They land on the thank you page that asks them to tweet “I signed up for this thing. Join me.”

As such, I don’t want people to read the tweet and go to the thank you page. I want to send them to the original landing page.

Bottom line: please don’t append the page URL to the custom tweet, or, allow users to edit the URL that is appended.