Coupon Offer and Download Sucks on Mobile


I need some advice please!

I am advertising on Facebook running a $400 Off Braces coupon offer at a local orthodontist office.

My Facebook ads link to my Unbounce landing page with form fields. Once a person fills out the form, a PDF coupon appears for them to print or show to the orthodontist.

Most of my clicks come from mobile. My hypothesis is that people don’t want to fill out forms and download a coupon on their mobile device as it is cumbersome and big fingers on little forms is a hassle. Also, people can’t print a coupon on their mobile device so they must save it somehow.

Any advice on creating Unbounce landing pages with downloadable coupons that work better for mobile devices?


Hey Seth! Glad to hear you are doing well in the dental market. Are you looking to avoid the contact form all together?

I would make it a simple & easy download form. Just ask for the email and make it available for download on the form confirmation dialogue (see photo below) & have it sent directly to their inbox for future reference. You can use a tool like MailChimp or ActiveCampaign for this!

You should also consider testing with Facebook’s lead-gen/get offer campaigns.

Let me know if that helps?


Stefano, I have it set up for download on the Form Confirmation Page already, as you show. I’m not sure how to have it sent to their inbox using MailChimp. I will have to look into that unless you have some quick tips.

My form only asks for name, phone, email but maybe that is too much for mobile users. I want my orthodontist’s staff to be able to call after receiving the form information, so may just ask for the phone number and name?


Hi Seth - I believe automation is a paid feature on MailChimp. As for ActiveCampaign, the $9/m plan should suffice.

Keep in mind, the visitor is choosing to download a coupon, and is not asking to get solicited. Chances are the orthodontist will not have a pleasant experience when reaching out.

You may want to provide the clinic’s phone number on the conformation dialogue box to “call for more info” or “call to book your appt. now”, this might push visitors to use their coupon. If not, I would suggest pushing them through a drip/automation campaign.

Let me know if that helps!


Hi Seth,

@Stefano’s suggestion about an automated drip email campaign is a great way to do it.

Automating the whole process would allow you to set up a whole sequence: for opening the email, no taking action, not opening the email, etc.

Another approach that might be worth testing would be to use an SMS coupon. You are already asking for their phone number so you can play around with a service like Twillo and setup SMS delivery of the coupon. Add a bit of persuasive copywriting to the SMS and an easy, clickable phone number to call your client/reception.



Hey Seth…I am thinking there is something you could do with QR Codes or mobile coupon solutions. Much easier to do with mobile devices.