Counting number of visitors


Does anybody know how the number of visitors displayed on the dashboard is counted?


Hi Yaron, 

The visitors number is the unique visitors that have opened up your page. They are cookied to make sure, on subsequent visits they see the same variation.

_ Views _ represent the number of times the page was loaded in total. Meaning it can be higher than the visitors number since some of your users might load the page more than once. 

Anything specific that worries you?



Thanks. Two questions: (1) if the same person visits the page, then close, and after one hour (or one day) opens it again, will it be a new “unique visitor” or not? (2) is your count for the TOTAL period since the page was launched or for shorter time interval like one week or one month?


(1) If the same person visits after an hour/day from the same device AND the same browser it will _ not _ be counted as a new unique visitor. It will just add one more view.
However, if they change devices/browsers they will be counted as a new visitor.

(2) The count is for the total period since the page was published. Unless you’ve manually reset/clear the stats.