Countdown Timer


I have this timer working now and don’t forget to put the CSS code to make it responsive.


Hey Vin, thanks for updating us here, and for the helpful reminder about CSS. Let us know how your conversions turn out! If this ends up adding a lot of value to your campaign, it could be added to our “to-do list” when we update our Page Builder. :slight_smile:


How do I set up a javascript countdown timer? I’ve tried using the scripts function, but can’t seem to get the timer going.


Hi Vitaliy, sorry for the slow response! Can you explain a little more how you’re approaching it? How have you included the script, and what code do you need to call to kick it off? You just want to ensure that the init function gets called when the document is loaded, which won’t just automatically happen for scripts placed in the head of the document. Placing your timer init code in a script block positioned “Before Body End Tag” might do it…


Thanks Carl, I got it.


I need to insert a countdown timer on my Unbounce Landing Page, but I can’t find this feature on Unbounce.

Can anyone help me?

All the best!


Hey Henrique - this could be achieved with some jQuery but your easiest and best bet would probably be to use an app called Gif Countdown. Once you’ve made your countdown widget, open up the Unbounce page builder and paste the Gif code in the Custom HTML Placeholder widget. As seen in this screencast, just make sure to set an img tag and you should be all set!


Great question!
This could probably be achieved with some jQuery, but your easiest and best bet would probably be to include a pre-built HTML widget, such as this widget from

This way you can customize the look/functionality of the timer, then simply grab the HTML embed code and place it on your Unbounce landing page. 

Here’s a quick example landing page with a timer built in:

Lastly, if this is something that you would like to see natively built into Unbounce, be sure to vote on the idea here. 


Hey everyone! We’ve just released a post in Tips and Scripts on how you can implement countdown timers on your landing pages :partyparrot:

Check it out here: