Countdown Timer


Can I get some advice on how to do this?


Hi Lily,

That Themeforest item looks like a template for an entire webpage so that might not be the best route to go down with Unbounce.

There should be lots of JavaScript or animated GIF countdown timers available online Ð a few were mentioned by other customers in this thread. looks like a good option because it wouldn’t require any code it all Ð just embedding an image on your Unbounce page.

Let us know if you have questions!


Hi Lily! 

I used this one:

very easy setup and works awesome!



Thanks for sharing this, Edgar!


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I need to insert a countdown timer on my Unbounce Landing Page, but I can’t find this feature on Unbounce.

Can anyone help me?

All the best!


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How do I set up a javascript countdown timer? I’ve tried using the scripts function, but can’t seem to get the timer going.


Please integrate this


I cant get this widget to work.


An Unbounce Count Down timer would really be a good feature… Come on Unbounce! Lets do this! :slight_smile:


was just thinking how good this would be. do it!


I actually asked about this when signing up. 

Definitely an important feature to have for a lot of us.


The is ok and it is easy to set up but 9 USD a month for a countdown is a joke. 

There are dozens of jquery timers out there like these ones:

I know these are scripts that unbounce does not support but with some help we could install them. I tried to install a couple of them withput success. I add the script in the script mananger and i call the script in the html code but it does not work. 

I don’t have much preferences for the countdown timer so, i can choose this easy one:

In this case there are two files:

Then i have to add this in the HML code with html box

Question: since there are two files, how do i associate the jquery.countdown.min.js with the first script?

I also put those scripts in dropbox and modifyed the source to dropbox but they don’ work

anybody has tried this?


Hi Oscar, 

There are a few problems with your approach: 

  1. You can’t use Dropbox to host .js files. You need to upload them to your own hosting server. Dropbox simply can’t execute .js files. 

  2. Once you upload them to a proper hosting provider, you need to point to the right address for the script. The example you’ve provided assumes the .js files are in the same folder as the landing page itself which is not the case.



Dear Hrisrtian

I suspect that dropbox cannot execute it since it is not ruuning under a web server, etc

If we upload them to unbounce, where we upload them? so we should uploaded to our web page that is using a regular web server. 

Have you integrated a countdown timer in outbounce that is not an html widget but a jquery one? Which one have you installed?



Hi Oscar, 

Unbounce doesn’t offer hosting for external files. You’ll need to upload the scripts to a server you control. 

Also, HTML is the markup while jQuery is basically a JavaScript library that helps implement common functions.
You need both HTML and jQuery/JavaScript to actually make your countdown timer function properly. 

Any developer should be able to help you set up everything in a matter of minutes.



Update on my previous comment… we now use this tool for embedding a countdown timer on our Unbounce landing pages:

Just fyi/sharing the love.


Just wanted to give an update here: 

While this could probably be achieved with some jQuery, but your easiest and best bet would probably be to include a pre-built HTML widget, such as this widget from

This way you can customize the look/functionality of the timer, then simply grab the HTML embed code and place it on your Unbounce landing page. 

Here’s a quick example landing page with a timer built in:


I’ve used this countdown code on several Unbounce pages.


Read here how to add countdown(coming soon) in unbounce template



This is AWESOME!!!

Thanks so much for providing this to the Community, you rock! :partyparrot: