Countdown Timer


How many other people would like this plugin?

Countdown Timer
Setting up a countdown timer

Yes please !


Thanks for posting this suggestion Dave (and your +1 Jeffrey!)

While this is a feature that our development team can place under consideration, in the meantime I wanted to mention that an app called Gif Countdown came out recently and might be exactly the type of countdown timer plugin you wish to include with your Unbounce page; please feel free to check them out here:


That is awesome!


I think this is 100% necessary. Most prelaunch landing pages need this. I hope unbounce come up with something inhouse to be used.


Would really appreciate this too!


Great share. Thanks Jacquelyn. Other tools like LeadPages include a countdown timer (in some templates), so seeing an option for this in Unbounce would be great, esp. for webinar registration pages. In the meantime, I’ll try as you suggest. Cheers, MC


yes please


thxx, useful


How do you use it?

I tried to insert custom html: or image and it doesn’t work.

In the custom html I used:



It works for us. See…

We just paste in the HTML we get from

Which countdown tool are you using? Or are you creating your own code?


Hi thanks for the reply,

I used and it didn’t work.

Now I used and it works OK for English title, but doesn’t work for Greek title e.g. I get the error message: when I click the save button.


Sadly, give *no* support (I’ve been waiting 4 months for a reply to a support ticket and despite me emailing them each month to say, “Hey, anyone home?!” I get no response. Good luck getting it to work for Greek!


Hi Stefanos - I was able to make this work with a bit of a workaround. In, I made the title just a dash. Then in Unbounce I used a text box and positioned it over top of the - with my own title in it. Since the custom HTML boxes don’t render out in the editor, you may need to play with the positioning of the text box a bit, but you should be able to get it to work.

Here’s how it looks in Unbounce with the text box over the custom HTML:

And here’s the end result:

And thanks, Michael for the great countdown widget suggestion!


Thanks @Quinn for a great share! That solves a problem I’ve had with (apart from the fact they give no support) with their lack of transparency on the background of the countdown timer (their previous version allowed this, but their latest update managed to remove that good feature)… so your workaround here solves it for me – just use Unbounce and overlay the title I want. D’oh! Now… why didn’t I think of that?! :slight_smile: #astheysay


I found this one that works a little better than and is only $6.…


Great find, Katie! :slight_smile:


Thanks so much Katie. Great share. The Countingdownto peeps seem to have shut up shop – I don’t get replies to emails, despite trying for months. This new tool looks like theirs, reincarnated. Glad to see the transparency feature is there. Makes the widget much more flexible, design-wise. Thanks!


pay me $100 and i do one for you


Hi! I’d like to ad a flipchart countdown timer to my landing page, like this one:…