Countdown doesn't work

Hi guys, I am trying to apply this countdown clock on my Unbounce landing page but it isn’t working. I have added the JS tags at the beginning and end of the JS sheet as I noticed it was missing from the JS code I pasted from the link below but other than that, I don’t know what else to do to make it work.

Also, I don’t know in the JS code to add my date: 20th June 2019 6:00 am.

That above is the link with the HTML / CSS and JS code I am trying to implement.

Thanks guys!

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Hi, did you follow the exact steps shown here: [How To] Add A Countdown Timer In Unbounce ?

Hi Nicholas, I did. I need a countdown where I can edit the days, hours, minutes and seconds independently. I want to style them in boxes and, with the countdown you’ve shared, I can’t get that result. Is there a way to edit the HTML / CSS and JS to get to the result I want as in this post?