Copying headers/footers onto landing page



I’m trying to copy the header and footers of my website (see the link) onto Unbounce landing page (which is serving as my homepage). Unfortunately, when I copy what I think is the html and the styles.css file into my document it’s not working. I’m not quite sure what I’m doing wrong. I can copy and paste what code I’ve tried including if that helps. Otherwise, you can see an example of the headers and footers I’m looking to create a



Hi @ascott7007,

I took a quick look and your Header contains a dropdown menu and some search functionality - this means that there are probably some JS libraries behind it that you also need to port.

Keeping that in mind, it won’t be as easy as copy/pasting the code.

As far as the footer… it would be easier if you just recreate it in Unbounce directly.



Hey @Hristian,

Thanks for your response. Could you please explain a bit more about porting JS libraries? I’ve looked online for how to do this (or even where I would find these libraries), but I’ve had no luck.

Thanks in advance!