Copy specific components from existing pages


How can I take a page section and copy to another page? one of the things that i dont like is that it’s very hard to copy and paste in your system. Example - i spend 20 minutes editing the pricing table on one page, but then I have to redo that whole thing in another page.

or another example - you have all these great templates built but there is no easy way to just add a section called “testimonials” or something like that. let me know - what I would like is to simply be able to take existing work from one page to another


no replies to this?


Sorry Dave, didn’t mean to leave this one unanswered. There are actually a couple of very similar requests in Get Satisfaction for this feature, and it’s one of the next big things on our list of improvements we plan to make to the editor.

Here’s one of the main threads you can “+1” if you want to stay in the loop on progress.…



Hi, same problem for me. I would really make a difference if you allowed to copy paste elements already created. from one page to another and even in a page.
Please consider this. it would be GREAT!