Copy landing page styles to form confirmation


I’d like to copy all my page styles, background image, layout and logos over to my Form Confirmation page and then make modifications. Is there anyway to do this?


Hi Lauren - we don’t currently have a way to copy over elements from your main page to form confirmation page automatically, so you will need to recreate the look/feel manually. I know there would be some issues because of the discrepancy in size between the two pages, but I can definitely see how it would save some time, even if adjustments are needed.

I’ll pass this on to our product team (if they haven’t seen your post already) and if anyone else has a similar request or a use case that this kind of copy function would help with as well, please +1 this post and/or share in a response!


Thanks for the quick response. I’m new to Unbounce and I’ve since learned that the confirmation page is a dialog/modal and not a new page (as per my design requirements). My request wouldn’t work in that case. We’ve modified our design to accommodate a modal instead. Thanks for your help.


Hey Lauren - If you wish to navigate the user to a custom thank you page rather than display the ‘form confirmation dialog’, then there is a way to do this while replicating the existing style of your main page.

You can actually duplicate your existing page and then modify it to work as a ‘confirmation’ page.…

Then on your main landing page, change the forms confirmation to ‘goto another webpage’ and specify the URL of your newly duplicated page.…

Hope that does what your looking for!