Convertables: What You Don't Know



Once again, I’m on the Convertable train :bullettrain_side:

I’d like to begin a series of posts where I bust a couple of myths about Convertables (FYI Convertable is the name we’ve given to overlays, or “popups” for those of you from Netscape days). Convertables have showed tremendous impact on boosting conversions, but I’m finding that there’s still a few details that some of our customers don’t know about. In these posts, I’ll include links to resources, and helpful tips to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward when optimizing conversions with Convertables. So, without further ado, here’s my first mind-blower:

You can implement Convertables on your existing websites and landing pages.

This is a big one that a lot of folks are unaware of. As much as we’d love it if every single one of our customers used Unbounce to build kick-ass landing pages and then throw a Convertable in the mix to crush conversions, that’s not always the case. Landing pages take time to build, and time isn’t always on our side. Sometimes it’s easier to create a quick (and beautiful) Convertable and throw it on top of an existing website to gather more leads.

Obviously I am slightly biased with how awesome Convertables are, so I’ll steal a few words from one of our favourite Unbounce customers (and Unbounce Expert) @Nicholas:

Convertables allow you to be strategic with advanced targeting. You can customize the trigger of your Convertable for either On Exit, On Arrival, After Delay, On Scroll, and On Click.


Rather than waxing poetic about the effectiveness of Convertables, I’ll leave you with a few juicy links:
• Here’s a link to our Best Practices Guide for Convertables
• Browse our Template Gallery that was custom-built for implementing Convertables
• Still need convincing? I’m roping in @Brent_Foreman to help field some questions, either in the comments thread, or in a direct message.

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More Convertables across our website pages are definitely on my (long) to-do list! :raised_hands:t4: I really want to get more targeted with them.