Convertables to Behave Like Unbounce Form


Hi There,

The Convertables features is a powerful and preaty neat tool to use, thought i’am having some issues because we capture the landing page URL as a rule to distribute leads to our sales team in our CRM and using Convertables i lose that information.

Is there an option to post the form data using the URL Convertables was triggered?
Also, we’re losing campaing data in our analytics as Convertables opens and iframe window with another site url.

If Convertables forms was sent like Unbounce forms my problems would be solved.

Any help or light at the end of the tunnel?

Best Regards.
Ivan Dias


This is a good question for @Stefano ?


Hi @IvanDias!

How exactly do you tag your leads on your CRM? You should be able to set things up exactly the same as your landing pages. Additionally, you can use hidden fields with a default value to tag convertable leads.

As for analytics, are you using Google Analytics?


Hi Guys,

@Stefano, thanks for the reply.

My CRM table goes like this:
Name, Email, Phone, Page_URL, and google utms (provided by hidden fields captured on page url using js)

A row on my CRM would be like this
Ivan,, 5512345,, source_example, medium_example, campaign_example
(we have a rule to automatic distribute leads from /produt1 to a specific sales team)

Doing this, we know in real time where leads are coming from, by landing page and campaigns

If I use Convertables, my page url would be like this

Making a sensible guess I know that it came from Convertables, but, which landing page does it came from?
Also, we lose campaign data on the URL

We are using Google Analytics, but for now we were only able to measure the pop-up Event without knowing the page it was fired.

@digibomb, thanks for moving this up


Hey @IvanDias, thanks for the additional information.

How many pages are you currently running the same convertable on? I feel using a unique convertable per page might not sound like an efficient solution for you…

@Hristian, @Finge would you know of anyway to pass on, via parameter or other, the referral landing page?


Hey @Stefano,

We are a Coaching School here in Brazil, we do coaching courses in 56 cities and we run individual campaings for each one. We also have 13 products on our portfolio.

That makes a very huge number of landing pages and creates the need to keep track of everything in the most neat way as possible. Unbounce Pages does that job pretty well.

If Convertables could behave like the page form we would be on haven.

Thanks for the interest to help to improve that functionality.


Hi @IvanDias,

It’s not easy but since you have access to both (the convertable and the page), you can write a couple of scripts that would essentially allow the two to “talk to each other”.

Meaning you can pass information from the landing page (UTM parameters & page URL) to the convertable.

Once you set it up for a single page, you can use the script manager to deploy across all landing pages.

My agency has done something similar for a client last year, using local storage to store UTM parameters which were being “lost”. That particular case only involved landing pages since convertables weren’t around at the time.
However, the same idea can be applied to your particular case.



Hi @Hristian and @Stefano

If that script could do that, it would make Convertables to behave like a default form and benefit all users.
Is there a possibility to make it a lab/beta feature?

@Hristian Meanwhile, how could we do it? Can you share that script?

Thanks for the reply



I can’t comment on future plans for Unbounce because simply I don’t know if such a future is on their roadmap.
Maybe @Justin or @Jess can shed more light on this.

Meanwhile, I don’t have anything ready made that I can share since it’s a pretty custom request.

However, feel free to DM me for a quote and delivery timeline if you have the budget for custom development.



Hey @IvanDias,

Just jumping in a bit late but I believe there may have been a release recently that addresses your issue. Host page URLs can now be included as part of Convertable leads. I tried this out by configuring the field mapping as below.

Following this I was able to see the host page URL as part of the lead:


Hey @Brian_Burns,

I tried to set it up like you but I do not have Lead Source as an option.
Do i need to configure anything else to see on the filed mapping?

Lead Source and Analytics Events(already using) solves this problem.

Thanks for the reply.



Hey @IvanDias,

I believe this is dependent on the integration you are using. I used Zoho CRM for this but any field mapping you configure should display the host page URL in your CRM.