Convertables, How are they working for you? Mini-case Study


Howdy fellow Unbouncers! I was auditing some of my accounts today, landing pages and Convertables, and found some interesting numbers.

We started testing out the new Convertables here at Altos, and so far we’re seeing a pretty solid CVR. I am using two different Convertables for the same client, on the same site. One is for eBook signups, the other is to get people to sign up for blog updates. Now, you would think that it being a WordPress site that signing up for the blog would be something that I would have wordpress handle… in this case it would take a developer hours to code based on the way the site was setup (by someone else, not us). I am also dumping these folks into an automation in Active Campaign. The AC integration with Unbounce is super easy to use and has allowed me to do some fun things… separate post :slight_smile:

I am pretty darn impressed how the eBook download is performing. Mostly because it is a pop-up and I personally LOATHE them… but this audience seems to really respond! (Letting a personal bias get in the way of your success is another topic) :wink:

This is what the two Convertables look like. The blog one trips on scroll after 25% of the page has been viewed. I figured out that was the sweet spot using Hotjar scroll maps. I love Hotjar, but I’ll save that discussion for a separate thread as well. Seems like I have a lot of other posts to put up in the coming weeks!

The other for the eBook download trips on key pages, on exit. I love being able to set which pages and when the Convertable trips. It is the only way to go, IMHO.

I have been using Convertables since they were in a closed Alpha test… and needless to say big fan! It is a great feature and it has been a nice upsell for our agency.

I’m curious, is anyone else seeing similar success with this product? Do you have any success stories you would like to share? Looking for optimisation help? This is the place to share it!


This is awesome, thanks for posting this Joe! Can’t wait to see what kind of responses we get from the rest of the Community. :relaxed:


Love your tip about figuring out where the sweet spot is @Joe_Savitch ! So great so see that your experimenting with your Convertables!