Convertables For Mobile


Are there Convertables for mobile? or is there a way to use something like a floating bar?


Hey there!

Thanks for chiming in!

The short answer is not yet. The long answer is that our Product team is currently working on this feature (at this very moment), and expect to be releasing it into Labs in the next few months.

Since Convertables were just rolled out into labs, they’re still in the very early stages and need to be tested before we release a mobile version.

Keep an eye on our Community in News and Updates, because we will definitely announce that feature as soon as it’s ready to go!

In terms of a floating bar, I’m not really sure what you mean - would you mind sending me a link with an example of what you’re referring to? Thanks! :slight_smile:


So excited for mobile Convertables! :gif_master:


Hi guys!
I know is just being a month since the last update in this conversation, but we reaaaally need this feature #convertables for Mobile version. Nowadays will Mobile more and more used, so, to have this feature just for desktop can unfortunately not give the best results.

Is there any other option/suggestion you could give me please? I also read about Lightboxes and Javascript Codes that trigger a specific lightbox. The problem about that, is that it can be just 1 Form for Landing Page, and because we’re using the same Landng Page, isn’t possible to have more than 1 Lightbox with a form.

I’m really desperated :frowning:

Thank you in advance for your help / support!



Hey, y’all! Just following up on the status of the mobile Convertables. I have been extremely excited about Convertables for some time and even centered a significant part of my strategy on them, but did not know that they currently don’t work on mobile.

This is crippling and am trying to find other solutions to fill this gap but would really just love to have mobile Convertables.

What is a rough timeline of when they will be rolled out? I’ll take them in beta… Anything!


Don’t quote me here, but I think this may still be in beta… crossing my fingers it’ll be available soon!


Hey @jhgonzlez7

I just came across your post and wanted to follow up. Apologies for the delay.

We released Mobile Convertables in mid-May. Have you had a chance to use them yet? If so, how are you finding them?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!