Convertables: Detail configuration of Exit behaviour


Hey Guys,

is there a way I can configure precisely the behavior of the user that is considered as an “Exit behaviour”.

I d like to trigger Convertables only after specified num. of seconds of idle behaviour or NOT TRIGGER it when the user goes just to scroll bar on the right which is now considered as an “Exit behaviour” which is not the case really.



Hey @Matej_Svec,

Thanks for your feedback and apologies for the delay getting back to you.

You’re in luck! We are actually working a fix for the scroll bar behaviour right now. It should be deployed in the next week or so.

“Trigger on Idle” however is on our roadmap but has yet to be prioritized. I fear what we intend to build will not satisfy your request though. If I’m understanding you correctly you are looking to be able to have the convertable trigger be active only after the user has been idle for a period of time

ex. Trigger on exit only after the visitor has been idle for 60s

Is that correct?

Thanks! Hope this helps,



Hey Cole,

Awesome, looking forward to it. Good job guys.



Hey @Matej_Svec,

Following customer feedback we’ve made some changes to how trigger on exit behaves:

  1. Top edge:
    As before, the Convertable will trigger immediately if the cursor goes within 20px of the top edge.
  2. Left, right and bottom edges:
    There is now a 1.5s delay before triggering the Convertable as it was felt that moving the cursor out of the page in these directions does not necessarily signify an “exit”. This delayed triggering is canceled if the cursor re-enters the window or the visitor scrolls the page.

The diagram below outlines the changes. While this isn’t exactly the behaviour you were looking for I hope it is closer to what you are looking for and that it at least resolves the issue scrolling.