Convertables // Cookie Targeting


Here I want to prevent Convertables to be ever shown to someone who ever came to my site from our newsletter. Would a simple way to prevent that to have a cookie created whenever someone arrives from email newsletter (and then have the Convertable to not be shown to people who happen to have such a cookie in their browser)?


Hey @Adrien :wave:
I believe the easiest way to achieve what you’re trying to do is to use URL parameters and Converatble URL Targeting.

If you add a URL parameter to the path of your email link like: ?greeting=hello
so that your email link is, you can than use URL Targeting in Convertables to exclude any pages with ‘hello’ in the address.

Hopefully this achieves what you’re hoping for.
Let me know!



Cole, thanks for taking the time to answer. I understand what you are saying. Yet, in the context you are describing, what happens if the person lands on and then moves to Even if Convertable is not showing on URLs that contain “hello”, it would still be fired when person moves to Right?