Convert Unbounce Landing pages into FB instant articles or AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)


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Convert Unbounce Landing pages into FB instant articles or Google Accelerated Mobile Pages

Q: What integration are you looking for?
A: Convert Unbounce Landing pages into Facebook instant articles or Google Accelerated Mobile Pages

Q: What problem are you trying to solve?
A: Loading of unbounce pages is very slow on mobile. This hurts our SEM campaigns, especially for campaigns where most of the traffic comes from mobile.

Q: If solved, what value would this provide (ex. increased efficiency, cost savings, etc.)?
A: This will help improve conversion rates as Google will be prioritising AMP pages. Facebook campaigns will also perform better. Since the drop off rate from campaign ad to landing page will be reduced.


I too feel that AMP pages are becoming mandatory in order to meet Google’s requirements for fast mobile content. I implemented AMP pages on my CMS right after the standard came out and see that Google is now indexing many more pages than when this initiative began. I would urge UnBounce to recognize the need for this so we can use AMP mobile pages in ads for mobile devices which account for at least 60% of our landing page traffic.


I see that when using the mobile iPhone client for LinkedIn now when you click on a linked article it uses the AMP page by default if there is an AMP page available. I think that when UnBounce provides this feature it will of course be driven by the mobile version of the page. I see that Instapage has their’s serving AMP pages for any landing page.


Given news of the last few days, AMP is even more important:

Could be a huge benefit for anyone running AdWords, especially if Google starts to weigh this heavily into Quality Score calculation. I hope this is moving higher up list of priorities??


I am also very interested in this feature? Does Unbounce offer a way to vote for new features? This missing is a reason to switch for us, I guess. There is clearly a very big upside for users to have faster mobile pages available.


Hey Justin, I don’t have a heart on the fist post. What am I missing ?


Hey @Etienne!

Looks like you found the correct way to vote. In case anyone else wants to vote on features, just scroll all the way up to the top and click the VOTE button at the top-left.


We need AMP landing pages now. Google will be ranking AMP landing pages higher than regular landing pages so it’s not a option.


Hi everyone,

Thanks for the votes and feedback on this feature request! The voting system is super handy for us to get a gauge of what is important to our customers.

The possibilities with AMP and FB Instant Articles are exciting. We see these new technologies as a part of our overall emphasis on improving the speed of all Unbounce content, be they landing pages or Convertables as we know that speed = conversions.

Currently we are exploring how AMP works and how it could benefit us, as well as other future performance and UX improvements for our mobile experience.

I’d love to chat with anyone on this thread to understand more about your mobile strategy and why AMP and/or FB Instant Articles are important to you. Please feel free to reply here or DM me to set something up!

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I would like faster Unbounce pages.

AMP for AdWords would be one way to achieve this. The majority of my advertising expense is for mobile ads on AdWords. AMP landing pages would be a big win for me! However, I would also like to see Unbounce improve page speed, in general.


I’m curious at what level of interest everyone here is at concerning AMP, for example:

  1. are you at the point where you’re just starting to see interest among your clients and within your team to see if this is a new service you could provide and are just interested in learning more?
  2. or are you at the point where you’ve done some research and now actually want to experiment?


I’m still in the pre-onboarding phase with Unbounce, but I’m confident I’ll be moving clients onto a landing page platform in the coming months.

AMP would be a big plus for me. It solves a real issue with IT cooperation, and most devs not having enough incentive to roll out AMP pages on a site. Being able to use Unbounce to create AMP pages would end-run around the devs, and appears to be a difference maker in CRO…which means it becomes a core benefit IMO.


My opinion after many months of using AMP is that it is here to stay, for now! It is messy and not perfect, but I think we will need it for all of our landing pages. I have had AMP in place on my company CMS for three years right around the time we went to 100% SSL. I know that AMP could be messy in UnBounce but “just because it’s complicated doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done” (my mantra).


Hey @Jordana, is there any update on this? :slight_smile:


Hey @Zoe_Tattersall

I’m actually on mat leave now (woohoo, lack of sleep here I come!) but when I left a couple weeks ago, we were about to schedule some time to do more technical prototyping so we can solidify what everyone’s expectations may be with an Unbounce AMP solution and what that experience should look like. Would be great if you have any thoughts to chime in here!



Oh congrats!!! (Except for the lack of sleep part!).

I’ve asked my client in regards to expectations, but my thoughts would be simply the ability to have an existing page converted to the AMP format OR a set of “AMP friendly” Templates even.


Hi all, is there any update about this funcionality?


Hello, there are updates regarding this topic?


Agreed. Need more speed!


Instapage is about to release this feature. Really sad to see Unbounce ignoring the most popular feature request.