Conversions on a specific landing page don't match Adwords Conversion count


Hi everyone

I have a landing page that seems to be duplicating the conversions in adwords. Yesterday AdWords says I had 18 conversion but unbounce only reports 10. Today I have had 2 conversions on AdWords but only one has been reported on Unbounce. It’s been happening for 5 days now.

Now I don’t have this problem on any other page on Unbounce, and I’ve installed the Google AdWords tracking code on my misbehaving page as i did on the working ones.

I have found this tutorial to minimize duplicates - Problem is it refers to an order ID for the page and says to find the ASP page? Is the order ID of the page the ID in the Element MetaData in the image below?



Hi @Jonny - just to clarify, are you importing Google Analytics goals into adwords as conversions?


Hi Stefano

We arent importing anything from Google Analytics into adwords. Our conversions are counted in adwords when the adwords conversion code in Unbounce is fired.


@Jonny we do things a little differently, and it has worked for us so we stick to it.

I would say that it is accurate 99% of the time. Some months we are off by maybe 1 or 2 conversions (at most).


Looks great @Stefano. This is the process we’d recommend as well. :point_up: