Conversions just stopped. Anyone else?


Hi there,

Been using Unbounce for quite some time and have been able to continually improve our lead conversion rates. For some reason, though, we have had NO conversions since June 11! Traffic is still good. Very odd, and have never seen that kind of behavior before. Has anyone else experienced an anomaly like this?



Hey Paul,

We haven’t heard any feedback about this happening from other users, so it sounds like it may be an isolated incident. Have you changed anything else in your marketing funnel, or made any changes to your page in general? I’d love to take a look into this a bit further to help determine the reason this is happening. I’m going to go ahead and open up a support ticket and get in touch with you directly to dig into this further.


Hi Justin,

I did 2 things about the same time:

  1. Added js code for Olark live chat, which I have since removed. Could there be some residual effect from that?
  2. Built a new “thank you” page that prospects are redirected to when they submit a form.

That’s all. Thanks much for your thought on this, though.



Hey Paul,

I created a support ticket to follow up with you but I haven’t heard anything back yet. If you didn’t receive anything, feel free to send me an email at with a link to your affected page and I’d be happy to dive into this further.