Conversions and Leads


What is the difference between conversion and leads in unbounce. I know the terminology but I want to know how unbounce consider them. For example I can see that 95 people convert in my website BUT my leads are 114. I reset it only once and the difference was 4 emails not 19 and I definitely have 114 people signed up.


Hi @Hristo,

Conversions represent the conversion goals you setup for a particular landing page.
(You can find the conversion goals tab in the top right corner of the page builder)

Leads are actual form submissions.

Now these number don’t always match up 1 to 1 due to a variety of reasons:

  • You can have more than 1 conversion event on your landing page (ex. Form Submission as well as clicking on a specific link)

  • You can have a visitor fill out the form multiple times which would count as 1 conversion but will add 2,3,4 leads depending on how many times they submit the form.

  • You can also have visitors triggering a conversion by clicking on a link but not filling out a form. This would increase your conversions but won’t add new leads.

Ideally, you would have a single goal for each of your landing pages and tracking only what matters. All other, secondary metrics, you can track through Google Analytics.