Conversion Tracking - UTM or Custom Event Action/Label


Hi There,

Hoping to get a little insight and direction as to the best way to go about conversion tracking. Up until the beginning of June we were able to track specific goals using Analytics Events by getting the Action and Label from UTM parameters that were passed to the form_confirmation.html popup box upon form submission. Each field in the form would get passed to the confirmation box iframe URL and then we would strip out the information we needed as a {Variable} in Google Tag Manager and then input that variable into the analytics event action/label.

Ever since the beginning of this month we have been getting the analytics event to fire when a user lands on the form_confirmation.html dialogue box but we aren’t able to grab the Action and Label from the UTM parameters anymore as they are no longer passed.

Unless I am missing something, everything I’ve found says that firing a tag on “Form Submit” inside of Tag Manager doesn’t work with UnBounce. I don’t know why I am having a hard time finding documentation on how to capture the form submit trigger. Is there any other way I can fire an even during form submit, not just when the button is clicked? It seems like this would be an absolute mandatory feature on a platform that focuses on driving conversions, I assume I am just having a hard time finding the info I need.

I did find here that UnBounce fires an event by default when a form is submitted, which I am seeing in my analytics account as well.

This piece of code specifically caught my attention:

eventTracker.trackOne(’#lp-pom-button-10’, ‘My Button’, ‘Download’, ‘How to Use Google Analytics’);
eventTracker.trackOne(’#lp-pom-image-11’, ‘My Image’, ‘Click’, ‘How to Use Google Analytics’);
eventTracker.trackOne(’.lp-pom-form’, ‘My Form’, ‘Submit’, ‘How to Use Google Analytics’);

I am wondering if I can customize the Event that is fired by UnBounce on form submit (the one in bold) by grabbing the values I need from the unbounce form fields, storing them as variables, and then making those variables the Event “Action” and “Label” that I need.

I’m also open to any suggestions you might have! Currently we still have analytics tracking every time a form submits which is good, we just lost the ability to track specific combinations of converted users between our 60 different pages which in turn broke the conversion data for AdWords since they are imported through the Analytics Events that were set up. Any help anyone can offer is GREATLY appreciated!