Conversion tracker not working on Adwords -> Unbounce -> Wufoo funnel


Hey unbounce,

I’m running a funnel that’s coming from Adwords to an Unbounce page that has a CTA on it directing it to a Wufoo form.

Unfortunately the conversions aren’t being tracked, I’ve had about 20 visitors, and about 4 conversions but its not showing up on the Unbounce backend!

Help would be wonderful!


Hi Matt, 

This issue sounds like it’s specific to your page and account, so I’m going to go ahead and make this into a ticket so we can dive in further. Hang tight, we’ll be in touch via email shortly. 


Hey there Matt,

Helen from Unbounce here! I’ve tried to reach you via email, but I haven’t heard back!
I’d love to help you out - if you aren’t getting my messages, please email us at and we’ll be glad to lend a hand. 


Hey Helen and Justin,

I’ve sorted out the problem.  A friend who’s an unbounce enthusiast dropped by and fixed the problem, which was totally my fault!

Turns out I had more than one link clicked to track in the goals section which made the tracker not track.

Thanks for getting back to me and helping with the problems


Happy to hear that you were able to get this resolved, Matt! 
Also, you should tell this ‘Unbounce Enthusiast’ to drop us a line… I’d love to send him off a little something-something for his efforts. :) 

Tell him to email: or tweet to me directly: @justinveenema