Conversion Rate Paranoia


I’m at the point where I have to drive sales for my small business - this is a make or break year. I’m convinced that landing pages will help me do that, but I don’t have any experience in knowing when a change is needed. My question - What is a realistic conversion rate for a sales page? No forms, no freebies, no free downloads - just potential customers. Thanks, Gordon



Hey @Gordon_East, that’s a ‘how long is a piece of string’ question! :wink:

There are some great resources from Unbounce on the average conversion rates by industry - in the Conversion Benchmark Report and you can even analyse your landing page with this tool to get some feedback.

It’s very difficult to know what a realistic or “good” conversion rate is, without knowing the page context, where the traffic is coming from and what the conversion goal is.

A/B testing is going to be a good place for you to start with trying to increase it though.

And if you get stuck, post your landing page in here - the community love to help out and there are a bunch of talented conversion @Unbounce-Experts lurking around :wink:




So, let me play devil’s advocate… no form, no ‘freebie’ as you say… so what is the offer? Why as a visitor should I care that I landed on the page? That is what you should be focused on first, IMHO.

As Zoe mentioned above there are too many variables to provide you with an answer before seeing the page. My suggestion is before worrying about what to change, and when, make sure you have a rock solid offer. Make sure your copy/design/functionality are well vetted and implemented properly.

Many people put the cart before the horse when they start thinking about landing pages and CRO.

Build your house, make sure it is clean and ready for company THEN re-decorate as needed.

Good luck! This by no means an ‘easy’ process but if done right dedicated landing pages can really boost your business.


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Hi Zoe and all of you Unbounce Experts out there! I design, make, and market my own brand of tools - primarily motorcycle tools. My company is a small start-up and I have really worked hard to develop, prototype, and Patent my designs. I launched a successful KickStarter campaign, now I’m ready to sell and ship my new tools.

Thanks for yours and all replies/inputs!




As a former motorcycle owner a great toolkit is worth its weight in gold, cool product.

I see you have chosen to leave the price off of this page. Strategic? I would expect to see a lot of clicks and bounces through to your purchase pages as the first question I asked myself is: “how much?” So you could see a lot of initial clicks and low sales. Hopefully you have some re-marketing pixles in place so that you can continue to serve ads to people if they do click to the pricing page.

You are using the sticky header… but all you are bringing down is your logo. This is a great place to have another CTA or to have in-page navigation. Consider adding something here in your next test.

Speaking of a/b tests I see 2 versions. the one with the photos of the vehicles carries far more impact to me. As a visual person, I get why I would use your product on my vehicle seeing the photo.

Depending on where you are driving your traffic from I would highly recommend DKI. If the ad were to talk about Snowmobile tool kit then the LP had The Modular Snowmobile Tool Set as the headline… I think you sell more product than positioning it as a motorcycle toolkit first and then way down on the page trying to cross-sell.

Lastly… you have what appear to be links in the footer to T&C, Refund, Billing etc. but they don’t link. I’d have them link. It will add trust to your visitor.

Good Luck!


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Thanks Joe. I’ve asked my page designer, Caroline to look into your suggestions and to work on same. Best Regards, Gordon