Conversion Rate Chart Data


Is there anyway to see the raw day-to-day data for the conversion rate chart? Even a mouseover with the data for each place on the chart would be helpful. Thanks!


Hi David,
We have an issue on our roadmap to improve the usefulness of that chart so I will make a note to let you know when that happens! Thanks for reaching out with your feedback.


Hi David, this thread slipped by – I’m sure you’ve noticed, but anyone else taking a look at this, a couple months ago we made a few improvements to the conversion rate chart. It’s by no means perfect (we still want to make further improvements) but you can now mouse over certain data points and get the exact conversion rate of a variant on a specific date (you’ll see the details in the box at the lower right side of the graph). You can also zoom in for more details.


Thanks! Appreciated - even if it is late. The one DREAM feature that I would love, and actually is in the demo video, is the ability to create a template from a custom page - that can be used to make new pages (not just variants). It would save me a BUNCH of time - and also really allow me to experiment a lot more with conversions.


That’s funny that you noticed the ‘Save as Template’ button in the demo video (assuming that’s what you mean)! It’s actually a feature just for us, but we’re definitely planning on providing better support for it in the future.

Before we do that, we’ll be improving the capabilities of Duplicating a Page to allow you to copy all variants and integrations with a page. So if you have a custom page on variant “C” of page “Example” – you could duplicate Example and only copy over variant “C” which should give you the same result as creating a template of C. Does that make sense?


That would be an AWESOME feature - and would help immensely. Great!


Hey David, just an update to let you know that last week we released the improved “Duplicate Page” feature that I mentioned earlier. Now, when you duplicate a page, you’ll be able to choose which variants to copy and which integrations as well. You can read more about it in this article…