Conversion rate average should not include deactivated challengers


The conversion rate that you see when you’re looking at all the pages should show how the champion is performing, or or the champion and challenger together are performing. It should not be an average that includes pages that have now been deactivated. That number is not helpful and it means to see how my page is really performing I have to click into each one, and then remember.


Hey Alexandra - When the stats were designed/built out, I believe our thinking was that at a glance from the Page Overview, you’d want to see your list of pages and then be able to see all conversions. But I definitely see the value in seeing onlythe totals for your active variant stats.

Stats is something we’re keen to revamp once some of the larger projects (responsive, script management, spam control) are taken care of, so I’d be really curious to see what the rest of the community thinks.

Is having discarded/deleted variants in the Overview a hinderance? Would you want to see just the champion and challenger there or something else entirely?