Conversion Measurement


Quick question about goals - measuring the success of one particular landing page against another is great with A/B splits, but all it really seems to measure is bounce rates (or am I missing something - I’ve only just set up my first test).

Is there any way we might be able to add conversion script to see whether one variation works better than another from a true website conversion perspective? Kinda like Google Website Optimiser, AdWords, YSM, et al?

BTW. Awesome product!


Hi Chris - I’m going to get back to you with some advice on this - could you let me know the url of your landing page so that I can take a look at how you have it set-up? - this will help me to point you in the right direction - thanks!


Hi Chris. Thanks again for your question and for your enthusiasm about Unbounce.

Unbounce shows you how well a page is performing for a given conversion goal (button click or form-submit for instance,) and allows you to test the comparative performance of two variants of that page.

The term ‘Bounce Rate’ normally applies to whether the visitor performs *any* task within a particular time frame.

So Unbounce doesn’t test ‘Bounce Rate’ per se, but does give you the conversion rate (number of visitors vs. number of people who clicked on the button or filled-out the form) for the goal you have specified.

Without knowing how your page is set up, its difficult for me to say how far you have got with setting-up your page goal. After you have set-up your button or form, remember to set the goal in the ‘Active Goal’ pulldown menu.

We do realise that being able to track conversions all the way through the sales funnel is important to many of our users, and we will be offering the ability to add bugs for a variety of optimization tools in the future, but the ability to do that isn’t there yet.