Conversion Goals & Formstack


I have a very successful PPC campaign setup for a moving company client, and I’ve been looking to make it even better with the use of appropriate and split-testable landing pages. Leading me to unbounce. Unfortunately, I noticed that there is no multi-step form functionality, and the workaround requires multiple page loads which seems like it will hurt conversions more than help. As such, I am trying to use a Formstack integration which does support multi-step forms; however, I am now left with no conversion to track in Unbounce. How can I get conversion tracking in unbounce while using Formstack so I have a multi-step form?

On a side note, I think it’s pretty crazy that multi-step forms aren’t available. 


Hey Collin,

This solution for multi-step forms works pretty well.…

Do you use a third-party analyticals tool?


I’ve seen that “solution” and it sounds pretty weak to be honest as it requires a new page to load in between each step instead of just having the form inside the page refresh.

Google analytics.


I would like to know the answer to this as well. I would like to program it so that my leads in Formstack see my unbounce confirmation page… for different reasons that Collin, but same issue… 


Are you just assuming it will hurt conversions, or have you tried QA’ing the UX yourself? I’ve used multipage forms that were quite successful. I wish I had a better answer, if I come across something, I’ll be sure to post it.