Conversion goal link that is not on the page


Once a form is submitted, I want to set the conversion goal link that is in my google analytics.

Can I set a conversion goal link that is NOT on this particular landing page?


I’m not 100% clear on what you’re trying to accomplish, but it sounds like you might find some value in our external conversion tracking script. Read through our support article and see if that helps:…


yes i looked at the tracking script. more work for me.

my old landing pages are in my root, with a google analytics goal set on the THANK YOU page that the submit button links to.

i was hoping to get the submit button on the unbounce landing page to be the same goal as my old landing page, so i can continue to use the current analytic property


Ahh. Does your button submit a form, or does it click through to another page?


if i can get the unbounce submit to click through to that page that would be perfect. can you advise how to do that?


If your page is lead-gen and you’re using the “form confirmation dialog”, you can just add the tracking call to the confirmation/thankyou page. See if this thread helps you:…


NAH that’s waaayy too much work. for something that should be so simple. the easiest way is to just put the LINK on the page somewhere so it will be available in the conversion goal. i’m going to try and make the link the same color as the background so nobody will click it.


I get the feeling that I’m not fully understanding what you’re trying to accomplish. To answer your earlier question “if i can get the unbounce submit to click through to that page that would be perfect. can you advise how to do that?” – yes this is easy:

Assuming the submit button is for a form, you can choose “Go to another webpage” as the confirmation action of your form. Here you can add the link to your old “thank you” page which already has the google analytics goal tracking.

Does that help?


If not, I’d suggest firing an email to our support team ( so that we can look at the exact page you are working with.


my apologize i actually didn’t understand you. the above will work perfectly and is quick and easy to set up. however i don’t see that option. i click on form confirmation dialog but still don’t see it


No worries, glad that will work! The option to “go to another web page” is available in the properties panel on the right side of the editor when the form is selected on the main page (not in the form confirmation dialog)