Conversational Form Answers Tracking

Hi, I just created a conversational form following those instructions.

Everything looks great, I just have a (big) problem of tracking. Form completions are not counted as conversions on Unbounce and no leads are generated after my tests.
For now nothing happens when someone complete the form, Id like to be able to redirect people to another URL once they arrived to the end of the conversational form.

Also, Id like to have the answers sent by email with the email notification integration just like any other standard forms, is it possible?

Here is the js code for the form (I precise that I have a really poor knowledge of JS…)

Thank you very much!

Did anyone recently created a conversational form in a landing page and experienced this problem?

@Jess @Luis_Francisco

Unbounce support couldnt help, maybe you guys have an idea?

Hi! I know the team at Webistry have been using conversational forms with a lot of success. Perhaps @Jonathan or @Stefano are able to speak to how they track their responses?

Stay tuned, I’ll try to get more info.


Hi guys!

We’ve actually built these from scratch to make tracking easier :slight_smile:

Hi @Stefano, thank you for the answer.

I understand you don’t have a “one fit all” solution. However as I just re-used the script from @Noah I didn’t expected that issue. The post is a few years old but no-one highlighted this problem in the community so I wonder if I did something wrong or if the script is somehow outdated. I used the exact same code, with just a few customs validations.

It seems that nothing triggers my form submission, so for now my form is useless.
Any idea?