Contract Available!


I need and unbounce specialist to create ecom pages from an existing desktop model for a new SaaS product. It’s mostly duplicate and change, work with a few brand new pages. If you are looking for site-wide creative design work, this isn’t it.

The challenge is to emulate unbounce’s mobile pricing experience.

I will entertain fixed price or hourly proposals and will share a Statement of Work on request.

Assuming the project goes well, there is more unbounce work to be had.

Contact me at


Cris Casey, Managing Director


Hi @CrisCasey,

The only hard thing on that page is the collapsable content which due to the way current Unbounce pages are set up is kind of tricky to set up.

However, my own agency has a custom made script that can take care of it.

I’ll email you shortly to get a bit more details from you and the Statement of Work.