Contant Contact Email Integration Launched


Unbounce now integrates directly with Constant Contact for email marketing. You can set up your lead gen forms to send your lead data straight into your Constant Contact account.

Read more about it here


Good stuff, Constant Contact has improved massively over the last couple of years, the interface is now pretty good, and although it still is very clumsy in places they are making good headway in their pursuit to follow the lead of Campaign Monitor and Mailchimp, so it’s a welcome addition - I have clients that use CC so they would be interested in this.

Kudos for the visualisation in the post… again :slight_smile:



I am currently using MailChimp but want to shift to CC because they allow me to send a 2nd email faster, one hour instead of one day. However, your integration with CC is just barely useable, First, Last, email. I need to collect several other fields and your instructions on Webhooks is inadequate for me. The instructions are difficult to understand for a non-coder. Do I have to choose a different landing page creator that has better integration with CC or a different CRM.